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We have two RailCycles for you to enjoy! Choose from a 3 or 4 seater.

RailCycle – Our New 4-Seater!

  • Specially designed new RailCycles
  • More comfortable and supportive seating.
  • Accommodates a wider range of heights.
  • Increased accessibility through floor grate and lower step-over.
  • Specially designed railroad wheels.
  • Car seats are ok!
4 seater RailCycle

RailCycle -“OG” Cycles with a Guide!

  • Traditional rail bike design.
  • Pedal with a guide on the first or last bike in the excursion.
  • Seats designed for performance.
  • Best for athletes and more nimble cyclers.
  • Extra info and personal attention from our guides!
  • Three seats available (with a guide).
3 seater RailCycle
Rail Cycle Mt. Rainier

Every cycle has 4 seats, bring friends or make some new ones!

Departing from Eatonville, WA. Tickets at $35 per person.